The most compelling idea I’ve read about is Balaji S. Srinivasan’s Network , recently detailed on the website of


Acc. to Balaji’s view, Network union is a social graph organized in a tree-like structure with a leader, a purpose, a crypto-based financial and messaging system, and a daily call-to-action.

Well ,briefly explaining the network union.

Srinivasan states that “The network union integrates concepts from traditional unions, startup corporate structures, Facebook groups, crypto tribes, DAOs, and UK-style shadow cabinets. On one level it’s a straightforward integration of the new tools offered by blockchains with the existing functionality of social networks; on the other hand it’s a way to go from an influencer posting online to a scaled community with digital bylaws, crowdfunding capability, a track record of collective bargaining on behalf of its members, and a numerically quantifiable level of social capital. ”

He finds these unions working as intermediate working between online communication and well established network states.


Balaji founds this statement of Robert Putnam’s 2000 book Bowling Alone relevant to these unions,where he describes the community organisations like priest,labor unions,religious people were being suppressed by modernity aspects of country which is topic of debate for another day .

He believes that network unions will definitely reconceptualise the very purpose of sharing information using power o blockchain and banklins as base.




Srinivasan discussed few tools which give rise to new advent social networking.I would discuss few which founded to more nearer to real usage…

  1. Messaging. Every user can use their public/private key pair to send encrypted messages back and forth to each other.

2. Balances. Every user now has the ability to buy items and pay users with their token-based balance, an obvious functionality that does not exist on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.It will promotes the usage of bitcoins,ethereum based digitlised payments..

3. Encryption. Every user has an Ethereum wallet public/private key pair, so they can digitally sign documents like one tool to cary all our document digitally with keys in your hands.

4. Login. By hodling the token with something like a provable timelock, users can demonstrate that they are invested in the long-term health of the community. This can be used as a login criterion to access community-created services.


We just reviewed some of tools that will soon give rise to social technology and will be reviewing the concept of Backlinks which gives base support for this purpose.

So, Srinivasan says that “Backlinks allow us to quantify a leader’s support base. Every leader has individuals that support them. Some of those individuals in turn have other individuals supporting them.”

First of all, what is backlinks:

If one of my friend mention my website link in one o his website,This website link in my friend’s website is serving as backlinks and it helps in presenting the website more on search engine’s search.

Acc. to him,backlinks supports the ranking of website like as of leaders having strong support base . But If he would have took the example of working of backlinks of website would come out as of more relevance to put up the statement that backlinks quantifies social support.


Balaji’s explanation that hier get backlinks ,but founder create them”By contrast, the technology founder gets their backlinks over time. Mark Zuckerberg did not get elected to run a three billion person social network with no prior executive experience. He started it in his dorm room, and convinced every single person in his support base to join him over a period of 15+ years. Some of them he recruited directly, but 99%+ of them joined him indirectly through the user interfaces his people designed. At every step of the way, if anyone questioned why this person was the CEO of Facebook the answer was clear: because he was the founder of Facebook.”

clearly,he agree that institutional heirs failed to cover up in covid situation because they don’t worked on creating the backlinks but they got for which technical founders created more and got the importance.



It’s a model of representation of social networks which helps in presenting large social networks of facebook,how they connected to their friends through graph.


Acc. to srinivasan,”what if we developed a new kind of social network, organized not as a social graph but a social tree, organized like a company hierarchy but at the scale of a city or state?”.

H e explains new term to us where as using social tree , we can figure out easily the backlinks associated to every node representing person in network or support contact of them.

If we see to above example ,just a difference from social graph,here in social tree node no 3 will be boss of company as it has 3(max) incoming edges where incoming edges denotes the backlinks associated to person.

More the backlinks ,more the ranking, this is the crux come out of srinivasan’s introduction social tree of social networks.But, I disagree because there is difference between leader and influencer because good leader does not always require highest backlinks as well influncer does not always require good supportive system.

Also, in social tree considering the case of amazon CEO Jeff Bezos ,people who all are connected by him ,not necessary supporting him as a leader but doing their work for the company ,so connected.It clearly doesnot justify his statement that banklinks quantifies support base of leader and presented as social tree.

I think social tree is not right choice of presenting leader in network unions using edges presenting as supportive links.


Srinivasan describes the importance of network union in almost every important fields like:

He says that”While network unions may participate in politics if laws permit, they prioritize daily action over occasional elections. Like a traditional union, they employ a series of escalating tactics to negotiate with entities of similar size and scale, like businesses and governments. But unlike a traditional union, their point of view on any given issue can be from the consumer, user, producer, or labor side rather than labor alone, depending on the role of their constituency.

Also ,adding few of his more points:” network union may bargain on behalf of the collective for cheaper bulk purchases of a high-volume staple like masks. The next day it could negotiate with a payments platform to reinstate a deplatformed member. And the next day it might find a job for a union member down on her luck.”

Last small critique:” if a corporation demonetizes you, unbanks you, deplatforms you, censors you, or otherwise harms you, a network union has your back. If a state doesn’t respect your group’s interests, a network union has your back too.” his statement .I cannot imagine how network unions helpps such people suffering from above elaborative statements.Instead ,Author should include strong point of explanation or best example to prove this point which i found missing.

Overall, Here is my review for this post.Hope you spare some time in reading .